Calling All Industries

In addition to furniture, appliances, electronics, jewelry, and tires, American First Finance goes beyond what most lease-to-own providers can serve.

Auto repair, cosmetic services, even 100% service-based businesses. We can help your customers!

If you think an alternative financing program could help you grow your business, don’t hesitate to see if AFF can meet your need, where you need it, how you need it, and when you need it the most.

A few of the industries we service:

  • Furniture & Mattresses
  • Car Repair
  • Tires & Rims
  • Flooring
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Medical Devices
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Veterinarian Services

Early Payment Options

We offer early payoff and early buyout options.

Plug and Play for Merchants

100% browser-based portal to convert applications into sales. No additional hardware or software required to utilize our programs. Need in-store signage to promote the program? American First Finance will pick up the marketing tab. Let’s get this partnership started!

Apply Now
Mobile First

Our consumer application is designed for today’s mobile marketplace.

Ask us how you can leverage the American First Finance technology toolbox to increase throughput and speed of application processing.

Looking for the next big advantage in retail consumer finance? Use American First Finance.

Feel the Love

We love our retail merchants, their employees, and their customers…

7 days a week!

Life happens. Time is precious. No one likes to wait. American First Finance has world class service levels to ensure we answer your call and help. Want some love? Use American First Finance.

Smart for Business

Today, there are an estimated 43 internet-based lease-to-own providers in the marketplace.

Some new, some old. Similar pricing, similar terms. Why get the same flavor of vanilla when customers are always looking for something better and more exciting?

Use American First Finance as a competitive advantage that can impact your bottom line.

How do you want it?

In-store, kiosk, at home, mobile, shopping cart, landing pages, Storis, Versatile, Lendpro, customer marketing campaigns, reporting tools.

Whatever your platform needs, American First Finance can likely fulfill your needs, and then some. Use our API.

We are always working to advance our “solution-set” so that your business and ours stay one step ahead.

The Bottom Line

Most retailers and customers shop on price relative to value. This is where American First Finance stands apart from a field of payment solutions that all look and work the same.

Us Others
Retail Installment? Yes No
Up to $5,000 approvals? Yes No
As long as 24-month terms? Yes No
Split tickets allowed? Yes No
Some Payroll and Pre-paid cards accepted? Yes No


The list goes on. Call us to learn about all the things American First Finance can do for you.

What can American First Finance can do for you?

Have a need for speed?

Want a shorter application for your customers than what they are accustomed to?

Looking for something faster to drive more volume?

We constantly search for ways to reduce friction, increase speed, and drive throughput.

Need marketing materials to promote our text-to-apply application in your store? No worries, American First Finance provides marketing materials for your stores!

Need training and in-store adoption of the program? No problem, we hold in-store and online training classes, along with a culture of likeable, conscious, respectful, service-oriented people that are willing to train your store representatives.

Here to lift you up.

All stakeholders matter at American First Finance. Our goal is simple.

Lift everyone up in ways where everyone can win.
That includes:

  • Consumers
  • Retail Merchants
  • Retail Employees
  • Our Employees

We accomplish much of this by offering more affordable payment plan solutions, fast problem solving, compliance, technology and a culture of respectful, service-oriented people. If you want a partner that’s willing to work hard through both the ups and downs of business and life, American First Finance wants the opportunity to show you what we can do.